January 6: Epiphany or Theophany

In our Western Christian tradition, Epiphany celebrates the visit of Magi to the Christ Child. In so doing Epiphany emphasizes God’s physical manifestation through Jesus Christ to the Gentiles. In other words, in Western Christianity WE become the focus of Jesus’ ministry. It is all about us Westerners. In Eastern Christianity, the Day of Epiphany […]

I have a Problem with Abraham

Near Sacrifice of Isaac [Can you imagine? This woodcut image is found in a book titled “Delightful Stories.” Delightful for whom?(p. 127, “Delightful stories: Home talks out of the Wonderful book.” (1888). Public domain.)] I have a Problem with Abraham Suppose the story was suppose to be different? I’ve always had a problem with Abraham. […]

What If? (Some what if relating to the Apostle Paul)

What if?

A while back I sat down with a few folks for a bit of theological speculating. Our speculating became centered around the Apostle Paul. The speculating generated a lot of “what-ifs” concerning Paul. And although we did explore the what-ifs, in this Theology Brewing Letter I have decided to share some of the what-ifs without […]

Found: Snippets of Theological Thought

Peeling Mask

Peeling Mask When I read fiction, which I do often, I frequently uncover snippets of “theological thoughts.” The snippets at first glance appear to be anything but theological, yet in my mind they stimulate theological thought. In this “Theology Letter” I thought I’d share a few of those snippets from The Daughter of Time by […]

Theology 1.0: Speculative & Progressive

Christian Universalist Cross

Christian Universalist Cross(Former Christian Universalist Denomination( A Basic Christian Universalist Theology: Speculative & Progressive Christian universalism is a Christian theology focused around the doctrine of universal reconciliation – the view that all human beings will ultimately be restored to a right relationship with God. I’ve been doing some rereading from the “fathers” of Christian Universalism […]

Grace Saves All (David Artman)

Book cover

GRACE SAVES ALL: The Necessity for Christian Universalism. David Artman, Forward by Brad Jersak, Afterword by Thomas Talbott. Wipf & Stock, Eugene, Oregon, April 2020. ISBN: 978-1-5326-5088-8, Paperback, 147 pages with bibliography and notes. $21.00 As a Christian Universalist I realize that there are some issues that come with the view. From my perspective perhaps […]